Ok I'll tell you some fun facts about me.

NIce to meet you :)

I'm Raquel

I'm from El Salvador, Central America, 40 years young. I love my coffee straight up and a good curry. I live with Orlando, my sweetie, and our two pups, Bimba and Bambu. Illustrating is my passion; been at it since I was 3. I have colors on my blood and I love living the dream doing what I love.


Ilustrating emotions

Illustrating became my way of expressing emotions. I draw and write stories because they help me heal inside, and through them, I love connecting with other people's hearts.


What inspires me?

Women do. Like you and me <3

Our resilient nature, the stories we live but often keep to ourselves, or the ones we share with friends and laugh about. I'm inspired by talking about mental health issues and how through my stories, I can be there for you, letting you know you're not alone.